Brass bronze and copper manufacturers

Welcome to the Manufacturing page of Trust Metal Group! As a trusted provider of high-quality metals and alloys, we take pride in our advanced manufacturing capabilities and commitment to excellence.

We offer a wide range of manufacturing services to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our manufacturing processes are designed to ensure precision, efficiency, and superior quality.

We are offering:

  • Bronze sleeves, bushings, flanges, rings, and special shapes according to drawings.
  • Brass strips and wires, profiles according to drawings.
  • Copper-Beryllium and copper-nickel alloys of different shapes.

We cater to various industries, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, construction, and more. Whether you need customised metal components, specialised assemblies, or finished products, we have the capabilities to fulfil your manufacturing needs.

Collaborating with Trust Metal Group means partnering with a reliable and trusted manufacturing expert. We are committed to delivering on-time and on-budget solutions, maintaining open communication, and providing excellent customer service throughout the manufacturing process.

Custom fabrication of cast bronze bushings

Contact us today to discuss your manufacturing requirements, and let Trust Metal Group be your trusted partner in bringing your metal manufacturing projects to life. Experience our accuracy, quality, and reliability.